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Chloe asks in the event that Nate likes Elena, he doesn’t refute, and you may Chloe urges him to share with her

Nate and you can Elena get a hold of Schafer almost dead out of are defeated. Schafer urges Nate to recover the new Phurba, get the access to Shambhala, and you may wreck the latest Stone prior to Lazarevic gets they. Schafer passes away, and Nate establishes you to whether or not the Brick features mythical efforts or maybe not, Lazarevic need to be stopped. Elena decides it might be best on the a couple of them to separate your lives to obtain the access.

Elena finds out they, and you may Nate is able to get well new dagger off Chloe. Yet not, once they get to the doorway so you can Shambhala, they might be cornered by the Lazarevic. Immediately after a stressful standoff in which Lazarevic threatens to help you kill one another Elena and Chloe in the event the Nate doesn’t work, he complies and guides Lazarevic, Flynn, as well as their guys with the city. After inside Shambhala, Lazarevic prepares to perform all the three, though the Guardians assault folks allowing the fresh threesome to escape. It realize Lazarevic toward town in an attempt to wreck the newest Cintamani Brick in advance of Lazarevic are able to use they.

Through to trying to find they, Nate rapidly realizes that new Cintamani Stone isn’t really a gemstone, nevertheless the drain in the forest out-of life. A fatally injured Flynn next is provided, and despite Elena giving to help, Flynn rebuffs the woman demand and you can falls a live grenade; this new blast eliminates himself and you can surely wounds Elena. Elena grudgingly says to Nate and you will Chloe to depart the lady which will help prevent Lazarevic, but Chloe insists which they manage the lady earliest. Nate ultimately prospects these to a route which can capture him or her back again to part of the access and you will commands Chloe to leave that have Elena as he handles Lazarevic.

Just after battling Lazarevic, Nate will make it back into the brand new entrance where Chloe and you will Elena is actually prepared. Because the town drops to wreck, the three succeed aside only over time, regardless if Elena has lost consciousness. Back into the brand new village, Elena recovers away from the lady wounds from the proper care of Sullivan.

Post-Among Theft [ ]

Pursuing the Certainly Thieves, Nate and Elena get married during the unfamiliar things. But not, Nate’s phobia out-of relationship and crave having adventure cities high filters to your marriage, and a couple separate, is estranged. Elena provides her a wedding ring, and you may Winner Sullivan looks after Nate’s instead of his studies.

Drake’s Deceit [ ]

A couple of years later, Elena Fisher was an international information correspondent features been stationed inside Yemen for a while. Nate and you may Sully find that Sir Francis Drake had made good stop in Yemen into the his quest to obtain the Atlantis from the newest Sands. Given that one or two needed to enter Yemen unofficially and you can instead opposition, Sullivan calls Elena to inquire of on her behalf let, since the Nate is actually unwilling to speak to her. Once they arrive, Elena provides them with it allows.

Elena takes Nate and you will Sully towards a taking walks concert tour thanks to Yemen, into the Old One-fourth because their finally avoid. To dodge this new city’s shields, the fresh trio climbs up to this new rooftops. Following that, Sully places Talbot taking walks from town. Nate pursues him, that will be sooner or later cornered from the Katherine Marlowe’s guards, but evades bring and you can goes into a good courtyard.

And that is, the fresh new courtyard consists of a properly into coordinates so you can Iram. During the catacombs, the 3 discover an invisible chamber having texts written into walls, warning regarding the dangers of Iram therefore the wasteland. Nate deduces these particular texts have been written by Sir Francis Drake, since they might be in English. Elena is worried as to the reasons Sir Francis Drake, even after understanding how locate Iram, chose to lose the browse and you may cruise family, concealing all facts. She wishes having Nate in order to forget Iram and Marlowe, urging they have beaten the woman, although Nate are unrelenting.

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