How it all began

Brooklyn, New York born, Nawfside ATL raised, DJ Remy Pockets began his DJ career collecting vinyl records, cassette tapes, mixing beats, and ‘MCing’. His parents who are originally from Georgetown, Guyana had a lot of influence in his musical background.  Remy started off writing song lyrics and was later further influenced by his father who was also a DJ.

After purchasing his first turntables, DJ Remy began to bounce all over the thriving DJ scene in Atlanta, networking and joining DJ clicks. Remy, a former Legion of Doom DJ always had one thing in mind when performing, and that was taking care of the client.  Remy’s musical background stems from a natural love of poetry, hip hop, and reggae. Remy’s DJ influences consist of artist such as Tupac Shakur, Notorious BIG, Jay-Z, Nas, RUN DMC, Bob Marley, Garnett Silk, Buju Banton, Sam Cooke, Billy Holiday, Alicia Keys, Lauryn Hill and many others.

With over 20 years of experience and a wide genre of musical selection, DJ Remy Pockets has performed at a vast variety of events including: corporate functions, clubs, yacht parties, weddings, school events, birthdays, graduation, bars, tailgating, karaoke, trivia, etc. Currently if not booked for a client, you can catch Remy live on his own personal TV Station Hazurdus Radio on Twitch TV. 

DJ Remy Pockets has attended the Connecticut School of Broadcasting and the Scratch DJ Academy.  Some of his biggest events included the 10 Year Tribute for the Ying Yang Twins @ Club Europe * T-Mobile USA Challenger 2012 Tour Southeastern Division and other various T-Mobile USA functions* Comedy DJ * Sunday Football DJ and his most recent visit to the radio station in Barbados at HOTT 95.3 FM.

DJ Remy Pockets is a master at reading the crowd, keeping the energy level high, and always creating a dynamic, musically centric environment that keeps his guests partying.  Through his expert MC presence on the microphone, his wide variety of music videos and track selection, your party is sure to keep on moving and your dancers’ feet in motion all night long.